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Diagnostic Ultrasound Service

Women's Reproductive Ultrasound of Fort Wayne and Muncie uses ultrasound to help ensure the health of both the mother and fetus during pregnancy.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Services

First trimester scannning:

administered between 0 and 12 weeks gestation

Second trimester scanning:

administered between 12 and 26 weeks gestation.

Third trimester scanning:

administered between 26 and 42 weeks gestation.

Please be advised our scans are performed using either or both transvaginal and transabdominal scanning methods depending on the type of scan and what your physician orders.

Pricing is based on the type of scan ordered by your physician.

There is an additional fee for multiple gestations.

Rates are significantly lower than those charged by most providers.

Diagnostic ultrasounds are interpreted by Summit Radiology of Fort Wayne